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CryptoAware is a blog and family run cryptocurrency and blockchain awareness, mentoring and support service for all those interested in developing their crypto portfolio and protecting themselves from sharp government and banking practices. We aren’t financial advisors, and our aim is to provide you will a basic understanding of the technologies and financial understanding you need to know before developing your cryptocurrency portfolio.

We can advise on a range of security, currency, trading, and organisational topics based on our own experiences and achievements.,

FUD - Fear Uncertainty And Doubt

Currently, there’s a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that is driving the crypto market when it shouldn’t. We can help you protect against that by:

  • Showing you simple techniques for putting together a Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy
  • Training and awareness on topics such as Cryptocurrency Due Diligence research and tokenomics
  • Developing an efficient investment entry and exit path

How to use tools such as:

  • Morning Coffee Crypto Market Check
  • Top 50 Altcoins, Crypto Marketcap – CoinGecko
  • Greed & Fear Index (Alternative.me)
  • Bitcoin Dominance (bitcoindominance.org)
  • Grayscale Premium (YCharts) – The discount/premium to NAV is a percentage that calculates the amount that an exchange traded fund or closed end fund is trading above or below its net asset value(track how far away a security is trading away from its true value).
  • Bitcoin Chart Trendline & News (CryptoPotatoe, DailyFX, Barchart)

The How to Crypto Web Series, is a free awareness course for beginners interested in blockchain projects and cryptocurrency investment. Please checkout the Bibliography and Glossary of Terms pages for other useful resources and links.


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