Retracements, Arb MSTR & ETF + Exit Liquidity

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Where to Ask Questions
1:25 Assuming BTC tops this bull run around 175k and we follow previous cycles, how far of a pullback can we expect?
2:09 LILO Retracement
4:10 What History Teaches Us
6:18 SOL has already reached its ATH in market cap. With current inflation rate of SOL (lot of people staking at 7%), I question if we will go much higher than 260-300. Even that seems difficult.
6:46 Inflation Perspective
8:00 Solana Price
8:40 Solana Upside Model
10:39 Long time listener and new to Patreon. Patreon is 10x better! I’m stuck in a Vanguard IRA w/ GTBC. What will be the faster horse the rest of the bull run GTBC or MSTR. Swapping GTBC to MSTR carries the risk of not being able to back in ever.
11:10 Don’t Be Vanguarded
11:42 Pair Trading MSTR/GBTC in Retirement on ATR
12:55 Pair Trading GBTC/MSTR in Retirement on ATR
13:52 For a person that is unable to buy OPTIONS in TESLA what is your opinion of Leveraged 1.5 TSLL and Leveraged 2X TSLT in lieu of OPTIONS?
14:08 The Risks of Going All in on Leveraged ETFs
15:15 TSLA vs TSLL Chart
16:07 Tesla FSD Today – What Most Don’t Know
20:36 I understand your sentiments on Fantom are not high because of its rank on the compendium and its distance from ATH. However, with the new sonic upgrade being rolled out and Fantom blockchain being one of the fastest in finality with transaction times, could this be enough momentum for Fantom to start eating more of the Crypto Market Cap?
21:28 New FTM Upgrade
22:11 Age vs Speed vs TPS vs Finality
23:20 SOL vs FTM FaceOff
24:39 Whale Concentration Insane – Exit Liquidity Needed
25:29 FTM vs SOL Whale Concentration
26:27 Exit Liquidity
26:36 Conclusion
27:18 Bitfarms swapped their CEO last week. Should we be concerned about Bitfarms?
27:48 CEO Transition
28:59 CF just upgraded Bitfarms
29:35 Bitfarms Flashed a Buy at $2.21 on IA ATR
30:03 Is there a way to play the arb game between the bitcoin miners? As I write this, CLSK is down 3% but BTBT is up 18%. The other miners don’t seem to move together either.
30:23 CLSK & BITB Correlation
31:06 No for the Following Reasons
31:44 What We Can Do?
31:58 Is this a mistake? Options clsk Jan 16 2026 15 call vs 22.5 call differ by only 2.00. Wouldn’t the obvious raging buy be the 15 call?
32:46 Market Pricing Inefficiency
33:52 The best trade I can think of right now: If bitcoin miners can act as a leveraged proxy with a 2-5x Delta on Bitcoin, buying strategic CALL options on miners such as $CIFR, $WULF, $RIOT, would represent a HUGE opp, are you thinking of that? If yes, what SP and EXP?
35:28 Options Are Outrageously Expensive
36:13 Can we revisit miners? Most are at or below their price when the ETFs launched. How attractive is this space now? Do we think the top 3 can all 2-6x the gains of btc? Or is it just CLSK that will move?
36:33 Super Attractive
37:48 Last 12 Mths Winner Takes Most?
39:16 Helping Animals


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