Bitcoin Supercycle? 🔥 w/ @ScottMelker

Bitcoin’s price has increased over the past 24 hours to over $44,000. Over the past week, BTC has experienced a major uptick, moving from $38,028.62 to its current price. As it stands right now, the coin’s all-time high is $69,000.

Guest: Scott Melker – Host of The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast
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00:00 Intro
00:35 Where are we in the cycle?
02:49 Are we in a supercycle?
07:05 BlackRock ETF Update
10:42 Ethereum ETF
13:51 Solana vs ETH
16:45 Solana DeFi
20:17 Avalanche + Tokenized Assets
26:35 Ethereum vs Amazon
29:38 SEC + Tom Emmer
37:24 Outro

#bitcoin #crypto #ethereum
~Bitcoin Supercycle? 🔥 w/ @ScottMelker ~
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