Bitcoin Hits $39,000 Thanks To Jerome Powell

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell participated in a panel on monetary policy challenges in the global economy at the International Monetary Fund’s annual research conference. Bitcoin pumped to a new high of $39,000.

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Should you sell at $40k
02:21 Fed update
03:19 Sponsor AD Margex Exchange
05:03 Dollar $DXY keeps falling
05:55 Bitcoin Chart
06:30 Jerome Powell speaks
08:24 Ripple SEC settlement soon?
10:10 BTC ETF in January
12:10 Grayscale hires John Hoffman former Head go Invesco
13:02 User Experience will drive adoption
15:33 $BTC $ETH Charts
16:13 Outro

#Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum
~Bitcoin Hits $39,000 Thanks To Jerome Powell~
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