Avalanche Set For Explosive Growth!🔥John Wu INTERVIEW🔺

The transaction count on Avalanche’s C-Chain (responsible for handling smart contracts) over the past week has set new all-time highs, reaching an estimated 2.3 million transactions per day on November 19.However, Avalanche hasn’t even begun to explode.

Guest: John Wu, President of Ava Labs
Ava Labs website ➜ https://bit.ly/AVAXlabs

00:00 intro
00:55 Tokenized Assets Growing
04:19 JP Morgan Onyx & Citi Banks
08:14 Dividend Yields Coming
11:54 Tokenized ETFs
14:00 Visa Payments Test
15:08 Transaction Speed
17:53 Testnet Subnets
18:55 Loyalty Rewards Exploding
23:08 Brands Awakening
24:20 John Wu Predicted ROBLOX
29:12 First Console Game?
30:32 NFT Sales Exploding
32:33 The Great Chain Migration
34:21 Meta Interoperability
36:42 XCAD Moving To Avalanche?
37:38 Apple Reckoning Coming
38:19 BEAM & Merit Circle
40:40 Tech Roadmap
41:13 AWM & Teleporter
42:12 OnChain Storage
42:30 Big Partnerships Coming
43:41 Avalanche Render Network?
44:45 outro

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~Avalanche Set For Explosive Growth!🔥John Wu INTERVIEW🔺~
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