#Bitcoin fails to pump on positive CPI data! Is the ETF hype fizzling out? #BTC flashes major historic indicator hinting something much bigger could be at play!
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Intro Credit: https://twitter.com/naiivememe/status/1724334174725865711

⏰ *Timestamps:*
0:00 Intro
0:40 CPI Market Reaction
3:22 Spot ETF Soon?
4:19 Something Else…
6:23 Sell The News?
7:34 ETF Reality Check
9:20 ETF NOT Priced In!
10:20 Institutional Squeeze
12:35 Miners & Whales
13:33 Flight To Safety?
18:13 BTC Perspective
19:50 They Have NO Choice
22:13 Bitcoin Analysis
31:14 A Cautionary Tale…
33:06 Final Thoughts

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